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Thread: Feb. 25, 2017 - Operation Frostfire - Bristol, WI

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    Feb. 25, 2017 - Operation Frostfire - Bristol, WI

    I am not involved with the organization of this event. This post is simply information that I see elsewhere to consolidate information onto the WAA message boards. As rules and information gets updated I will try to add to this thread, but the best source of information may be found elsewhere.

    Date: Saturday February 25, 2017
    Time 9AM to 5PM
    Location: Black Ops Airsoft in Bristol, WI (Map)
    Price: $35
    Organizers: Delta Milsim Group

    Operation Frostfire will be a triple-first for us. The first Delta Milsim Group event at the new Black Ops field in Bristol, our first event of 2017, and our first "winter" event in over a decade!

    Teams will consist of the traditional Tan Vs. Green, with players in civilian garb being assigned to each of the original teams as partisan fighters. (With armbands.)

    Damage Control will be on site to vend, and our usual vehicles will also be in play, in addition to the fine fleet Black Ops already has.

    We're excited about the opportunity to host an event as this site, as it is positively HUGE. The scope and range of missions we'll be able to provide with this venue is going to drastically change. Don't miss it!

    Follow this page for more information, as we'll reveal more as the date approaches.



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    Anyone here attend the game? I wanted to, but had a scheduling conflict. Need to make sure I get to Black Ops sometime this year.

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    I did, here is an AAR from my perspective:

    The best thing I like about DMG events and Black Ops events is that they start on time, or atleast they try their best to. It was going to be a cold and bleak day, we all knew that but nothing can prepare you for it. Even if you dress as warm as possible you have to expose your hands to put on/remove gear, make gun/gear adjustments and that was what hurt most. Bio bbs, midcaps and buckings were the worst affected as bbs and bucking shrink and springs become brittle and lost their "springiness"
    The field in winter is a whole different experience, the high grass is gone, there were no bridges over the river and you wouldnt dare step foot in the stream as the water was icy cold, not to mention knee deep in places.
    There was a good attempt from DMG to make it an organized objective based event but the cold threw the plan off track and the thing turned into a giant open-play with vehicles. They also tried to use vehicles as an element in the game but it became an uber from-to spawn points. One thing that can be done to combat this is emphasize on the structure and objective rule-set of the game long before the event and basically orient the players even before they show up on the field. A storyline, prop list, vehicle role and list, timed objectives with command structure grooming will make any and all events worth looking forward to. So for example, if teams are planning events in late April, they should start planning NOW. Once a momentum gets going and players buy-in to the storyline and objective based play, teams will have a much easier time planning future events.

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