Just trying to curb some out of control spending. There both up here in the Oneida/Greenbay area. Neither come with a Reg or Tank, and you'll have to provide your own to use these as these are HPA powered replicas

And having just built a DG 416 :3

Daytona AK
Heavy Recoil for a DG.
Gen 4 Kit, Installed by Tony Rizzo
Broken in, Buckings in great shape, has a DIGL line over the macro line.
Built on a LCT NV, swapped the Galil Style stock for an M4 buffer tube. (wooden forgrip, with gas tube having a metal vent cover)


Wolverine EBR.
Installed on an ASP EBR chassis.
10 midcaps.
Missing the front 2 side rails in front of the handguard.