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Thread: June 24, 2017 - Operation Scarab (Battlefield Series)

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    June 24, 2017 - Operation Scarab (Battlefield Series)

    I am not involved with the organization of this event. This post is simply information that I see elsewhere to consolidate information onto the WAA message boards. As rules and information gets updated I will try to add to this thread, but the best source of information may be found elsewhere.

    Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017
    Time: 8AM to 5PM
    Location: Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette, WI (Map)
    Price: $30
    Organizers: Delta Milsim Group

    Return to Apocalypse Paintball Inc, June 24th, for the next episode in our Battlefield series, Operation Scarab.

    A lighthearted milsim event, with a more relaxed ruleset that is welcoming to players of any experience level.

    Sponsored by Damage Control, and hosted by Delta Milsim Group

    The Battlefield series of games are more laidback, half field version of the games we usually run.

    There will be no uniform requirements, both sides will have armbands.

    Magazine restrictions are slightly relaxed. Players are allowed to carry ONE hicap magazine, or as many non-winding magazines as they like. Only SAW gunners are allowed to fire in fully automatic.

    The game will follow the Battlefield series Conquest rule type.

    5 capture points, 50 points each tallied on the hour.

    Battlefield Classes:
    Assault: Semi only. Only class that can medic,must hand player they are healing a medic card and apply pressure for 1 minute, can only heal 2x before returning to base for more medic cards.

    Support: The only class that can fire full auto, must use a lmg, only place any player can reload magazines is within 5 feet of a support class player.

    Engineer: They can only fire in semi, and are the only class that can carry anti-vehicle launchers. They must use nerf or taginn ( or other approved ) rocket devices to destroy vehicles, 2 strikes to destroy vehicle.

    Recon: Must use dedicated sniper rifle. (Bolt action only, there is no "DMR" class.) Other players may respawn at a recon player. Respawning players must get a respawn card from recon player to respawn. Recon players will only be granted three respawn cards before needing to return to their base for more.

    Entry will be $30 at the door, and we'll be giving out raffle prizes, as usual.

    Smoke and Enola Gaye grenades will be available for purchase, and both are allowed and encouraged.


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    Ridiculously fun, as always!

    However, I do have one gripe, the lax medic rule.

    The act of simply touching someone for five seconds lead to a lot of confusion and overshooting.

    The first confusion I experienced was when my guys (yellow) took down like 8-10 guys in the woods. Some of my guys kept firing until they thought they were all dead. The blue team yelled hit repeatedly and sounded a bit perturbed at being overshot. So, we stopped firing and I began advancing from the opposite side of my teammates. The blue squad stood up nonchalantly and started walking back in the direction of their spawn, saw me and started firing...I got dead. I was a bit annoyed how absurdly fast that many people got mediced with little to no indication of them being revived.

    So, that event lead to me and many others having a lot of trouble throughout the day deciphering who was getting mediced or not and on several occasions accidentally shooting people who were dead (and not using their kill rags, which was another issue throughout the day). Like the time I killed two people, then somehow two more people appeared who I thought were trying to medic the first two and then got mad at me for shooting them because they didn't have dead rags on.

    So, I would highly recommend bringing back bandages to the BF games. I don't like getting overshot and I don't like overshooting people...even if they're idiots and don't use their dead rags. It's just easier to recognize when someone is actually getting mediced, especially in big groups and definitely a lot easier to recognize in the ultra thick woods.

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