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Thread: August 5-6, 2017 - Codename: Thunder

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    August 5-6, 2017 - Codename: Thunder

    I am not involved with the organization of this event. This post is simply information that I see elsewhere to consolidate information onto the WAA message boards. As rules and information gets updated I will try to add to this thread, but the best source of information may be found elsewhere.

    Date: Saturday, August 5 - Sunday, August 6, 2017
    Time: Saturday, August 5 at 8 AM to Sunday, August 6 at 4 PM
    Location: CPX Sports 2903 W Schweitzer Rd, Joliet, Illinois 60436 (Map)
    Recon Registration by May 31st 2017: $75 per player (11:59pm 5-31-17 CST )
    Early Registration by June 30th 2017: $80 per player (11:59pm 6-30-17 CST)
    Pre-Registration before July 29th 2016: $85 per player (11:59pm 7-29-17 CST)
    July 30th or later: $95 per player
    Organizers: Summit Lake Entertainment

    Zekirov and the Red Hand has returned.
    Vadim Zekirov, ruthless leader of the Red Hand has surfaced again. After their defeat a few years ago at the hands of the US Allied Forces, Zekirov went into hiding to rebuild his vehemently pro-Kremlin style communist organization. Using contacts in the world underground, Red Hand has now morphed into the Red Hand Syndicate whose purpose is to bring about Soviet Communism back to Russia and particularly the West.
    Using criminals, hackers, arms dealers, terrorist organizations and certain members of the western media, Red Hand has been waging a culture war on western youth to turn them towards its ideals but also against their leaders and each other.
    Already belived to be the dominant force in illicit arms trade, and various black money e-currency sites, Red Hand has found the financial and now para-military might to flex its muscle again.
    After nearly bringing the Russian and American economies to their knees with a series of Hacking attacks, Red Hand has siezed a small former US colonial island in the Carribean as their base of operations and jumping point for a larger assault on the west. Holding many hostages on the island makes this a tricky situation.

    The US Government has initiated the CODENAME: Thunder protocol and has dispatched a US Ranger and Marine detachment to capture or eliminate Zekirov and his henchmen to end the Red Hand Syndicate once and for all. Russia and the UK have also sent detachments with US approval to protect their interests as well...this should go smoothly...
    More INtel to follow soon...
    The Thunder returns...
    The CODENAME: Thunder Series of Airsoft Events has had several story lines through its previous 13 years. Some involving ruthless druglord Hector Chiro and his Cartel, others involving The Red Hand, a commie group hellbent on returning the Kremlin-style communist doctrine to the world.

    For the 14th year Thunder Event, we will be pulling out the stops to bring you an enjoyable experience, pulling elements that players liked and adding new ones.

    This Two-Day event features:

    Limited Admission
    Command Structure to the Squad Level-
    Timed Objectives
    Multiple scenarios-
    Squad Based Missions-
    Multiple Respawn Locations-
    Varied Special missions-
    Armored Assault VehicleS (THREE!)
    New Props-
    Smoke grenades-
    Special weapons-
    Night play-
    Free camping-
    Food Concessions-
    A dealers area filled with Airsoft products-
    Prize give-aways
    And more!


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    NOOOOOOOOO!!! That place looks awesome! Of course I have a wedding to go to that weekend!

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