Hola, Amigos.

Occasionally I likeclear out some display guns from Damage Control. ( I like to rotate stock. )

These guns are "New" in the sense they've never been used, but they've been handled obviously, and some will show signs of repeated finger-banging by interested parties. But if you're willing to overlook that, you can get what is effectively a brand new gun for a less than brand new price.

As the title states, I'm selling a Tippmann M4, current (latest) generation. This has been a wall hanger and display piece for nearly four months, but has not seen the field.

MSRP: $450. I'm selling for $400 Cash/Paypal/Etc. Pick up at Apocalypse, or I can ship it for an additional cost. ( It's like $15 for UPS ground. )

Message me here, or catch me on facebook.


Adam "Jonesy" Mundt